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The Amazing Bulk

Lewis Schoenbrun, the Assistant Editor of such classic films like UHF, Bull Durham, and Mystic Pizza, has directed the cinematic masterpiece called, The Amazing Bulk (Not to be confused with The Incredible Hulk or The Amazing Spider-Man).  The Amazing Bulk combines the advanced technology of an Amiga 500 personal computer and the complex story telling of an Uwe Boll film to create the ultimate movie experience.  PEOPLE WITH SMALL BRAINS SHOULD NOT WATCH!!!



  1. Friend Ship March 30, 2011

    Haha! They were running in place!

  2. Author
    dAn MCcCAULEY March 30, 2011

    Don’t we all run in place every once in awhile? Why yes we do, it’s called “The Running Man.”

  3. Besh Kempir April 15, 2011

    Mr John Barrett wrote The Incredible Bulk 15 years ago.
    He should sue this film maker for every penny the guy has!

    • Lewis Schoenbrun August 29, 2011

      Not familiar with either John Barrett or The Incredible Bulk. But this film is called The Amazing Bulk and is a spoof of comic book films. A title cannot be copyrighted and parody doesn’t infringe on copyrights (i.e. Mad Magazine had no problem spoofing popular movies or tv shows).

  4. Phil Luccio April 22, 2011

    if I put on LED dream sunglasses this shit would be on the real tip.

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