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Maximum Overdrive

Stephen King is an American author who has, as stephenking.com states, “published over 50 books and has become one of the world's most successful writers.”  If you are someone who hates books, you may know him as that one guy who writes that one thing for that one magazine.

As successful as his books are, the transition from print to film have not always been successful. Even though such iconic directors such as John Carpenter, Brian De Palma, and Stanley Kubrick have adapted his books into film, the final products never had the right tone of a Stephen King book.

Stephen King finally came to the conclusion that in order to successfully make the transition, he was the only man who could do it. In 1985, coked out of his mind, and having zero directing experience, made his directorial d

ebut with, Maximum Overdrive, based on his short story, Trucks.

Maximum Overdrive was his first, and only movie he directed, but when you've made a masterpiece like this, there's no need to top it.

Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive 2?

In 2008, a production company called, Evilcreations, released THIS teaser trailer for Maximum Overdrive 2.

Spoke Too Soon…