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Your Highness Is Misflix Approved

There was a time when Friday nights meant a 4-hour game of Dungeons & Dragons played amongst friends in a dark, damp basement. A time when Playboy magazines were published once a month, and that was considered “taboo.”  A time when crazy ass fantasy movies about wizards and cyborgs were playing at the local movie theater.

The problem with time though, is that it eventually fades away, and everything that was once a daily routine, is replaced with something new.

These days, Friday nights are now spent alone at your house, playing Xbox 360 games online with anonymous “friends.”  These days, you can instantly find the most disgusting and disturbing porn online that can terrorize dreams for months…and it's free.  These days, movies in the theater have huge budgets, are studio “safe,” and mass produced to turn a quick profit.

But on extremely rare occasions, when the Blood Moon is at its highest, and when the stars are aligned, “There was a time,” and “These days,” fuse into one entity, creating a super vortex.  Scientist are calling this phenom, Your Highness, starring Danny McBride, James Franco, and Na

talie Portman, and direc

ted by David Gordon Green.

The question you must be asking yourself is, “Am I ready to be a part of this event?  Do I have what it takes to look into the past, and present, at the same time?”  This Dungeon Master shall ask you two questions.  If you answer yes to both, you are prepared for this journey, and have rolled an 18 to advance.  If the dreaded “no” slips out of your mouth, an army of dwarves will destroy your village, and force you to watch the Dungeons & Dragons movie, staring Marlon Wayans, for the rest of your days on this planet.

Good luck…you will need it.

Question 1: Do you want to watch this movie?

Question 2: Do you think this video is funny?

The Treasure At The End Of Your Quest