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Poll Position: Arnold Schwarzenegger

With Arnold Schwarzenegger's divorce to Maria Schriver in the works, and his stint as Governor of California completed, he'll soon have a lot of free-time on his hands.  What better way to occupy this newly found freedom than by hopping back into the acting saddle?  The problem with acting is that Arnold can no longer rely on his good looks and muscles to bring people to the theaters, and his acting range is limited to portraying two emotions: angry and yelling.  So in order to make a s

uccessful transition from politics back to Hollywood, Arnold must turn to sequels based on his older movies.  With the re-boot of Conan the Barbarian, starring Jason Momoa, coming out this summer, and the Terminator franchise setting up shop on the corner of “Please Stop” and “No, Seriously Please Stop Making These,” Arnold must rely on another franchise to revive his acting career.

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