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Fandango – An After School Special

Dab was born into this world greeted by his mom, dad, brothers, and sister.  In those early stages of his life, he spent trying to separate himself from his family, looking for individuality.  Those struggles soon turned to frustration as he realized it wasn't that easy.  It's like a blank page of paper, and in those early years, no matter how hard he tried to live a life filled with meaningful stories, it ended up being a bunch of Fandangos, and not worth writing down.

Dab grew up, but still had that desire to stand on his own.  He moved from White Pigeon, Michigan to Pasadena, California to prove to himself that he didn't need his family to get by.  Life happened.  He fell in love, took a job that seemed important, and surrounded himself with amazing friends.  Friends that were there for him when his father passed away.  Friends who drove four hours to the middle of nowhere to help fix his car when it broke down.  Friends who still celebrated his birthday, even when he said it wasn't that big of a deal.

And one day, one of those close friends decided to move from Pasadena back to Michigan to be closer to his own family.  Dab thought it was a foolish decision, because he would be losing his individuality by moving back.  He told Dab, “If you saw me around my family, you'd understand.”  Dab tried to understand, but couldn't.  It eventually led Dab back to that blank page he lost interest in so many years ago, and how he should have had better things to write about.  But the page he remembered being blank, had become a novel filled with countless idiotic stories that typically ended with, “We probably shouldn't have done that.”  Those stories were significant in Dab's life because every Fandango is worth writing down, since it is the very definition of individuality.

What Dab soon realized is that his friend had not made a foolish decision.  The whole time Dab thought he moved away from his family, but in reality he made a new in California.  Family is not necessarily defined by sharing the same DNA, but rather by the people who were significant in those life changing moments.