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What To Watch When The End of Days Is Nigh

Harold Camping (89), founder of Family Radio, has predicted that the second coming of Christ will happen on May 21st, 2011.  Well, we’ve had a good run, haven’t we?  Wait a second, I just re-read that.  He’s 89!  It’s hard to believe that someone that old doesn’t poop his pants in the middle of the night or has detailed conversation that begin with, “Where do I know you from?” when he sees his reflection in a mirror.  And yet, people still believe him when he says that this is actually going to happen.  They are giving away all of their possessions in preparation for the Rapture.  A friend of mine even said to me, “I’m not eating Chipotle today because I’m afraid I’ll be too heavy for the Rapture.”

Movies don’t help either when it comes to dealing with the end of the world.   They usually begin with a huge threat that everyone takes lightly.  Some even throw an “End of the World” party as a joke.  Then, in the middle of the movie, everyone is so shocked when a giant tidal wave wipes out all the major cities in the world or when a plague turns everyone into running, flesh eating zombies, while only a few non-infected people have to fend for their lives.

But here’s a little secret, Hollywood LOVES to exaggerate.  Stories that happen in real life tend to be not so exciting, so writers throw in plot twists, and producers stamp the movie with a “Based on Actual Events.”  Audiences see that stamp as making the movie authentic.  The fact of the matter is that it’s not true.  The movie, Fargo, says that it was “Based on a True Story,” but the Cohen Brothers have gone on record as saying that none of the events in the movie actually happened.

So is it possible to mix how the end of the world would happen with a Hollywood movie?  The answer is simple-yes it is.

Night of the Comet

Would two valley sisters really try and find the cure to the plague that wiped out mankind?  No.  They’d go shopping on Rodeo drive because the stores would be empty and their Daddy wouldn’t complain about them maxing out his credit card.

Jay and Seth Vs. the Apocalypse

I don’t care how close you are to your best friend, how would you really react after being trapped in an apartment for months?  I can promise you that you wouldn’t have deep, philosophical talks about Aristotle.

The Omega Man

And finally, if you think traffic is bad where you live, it will never come close to the phantom traffic jams that happen in Los Angeles, forcing drivers to sit in their car for hours.  Any L.A. drive would welcome the Apocalypse just so they could leave their house at 12:30 p.m., and arrive at their destination at 12:55 p.m.

So if Harold Camping and most Hollywood movies are wrong about the end of the world, we all will carry on with our everyday lives,and laugh it off as a big joke.  If they’re right, I look forward to some personal time for myself.  I’ve been meaning to finally watch the Battlestar Galactica TV show I recently got on Blu-Ray.