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Dear Misflix – On the Road Again

Dear Misflix,

My problem is easy.  I missed home (Michigan) when I was living in LA.  Since moving back to Michigan I am having a tough time adapting.   I never realized when I moved to LA that leaving it behind was going to be so difficult.  Can you help me?

“On the Road Again”

Dear “On the Road Again,”

There's a saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”  And that statement is true to some extent. Since you can't see the other side of that hill your brain assumes that the grass is as green as the Incredible Hulk in full Hulk rage.  In reality, it's the same color of the grass that you walk on every day. You are having problems adjusting because what you are looking for is not on

the other side of the hill.

In the movie Garden State, Andrew Largeman is a struggling actor living in Los Angeles.  When his mother passes away, he returns home (New Jersey) to attend her funeral.  While he's there he struggles with what he's doing with his life and finding happiness.  The scene in the pool when he talks about the idea of home really stuck out in my mind to the question you asked.  Instead of trying to break it down for you, I'll let Andrew say it himself.  Hopefully this scene helps.

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