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Thrift Store Finds – I Sense Something; An Order Form That Wasn’t Completed…

Hello Teri,

I found your order form in this 1977 Star Wars album that was recently purchased at a thrift store.


Just a short note to ask if you are still interested in that Star Wars shirt you were going to order in 1977?  We have your order form in hand and have a couple questions regarding your order:


  1. What guided your decision to fill it out and, instead of mailing it, place it back in your Star Wars Soundtrack double record set?
  2. Was $4.50 a little too expensive?
  3. Was no C.O.D. a deal breaker?
  4. Did you decide you couldn’t walk around with a Star Wars shirt on and be OK with it?
  5. You will need to select a different size; children’s medium surely won’t fit like it did 30+ years ago.

Curious minds want to know the story behind this order!  So let us know.


(PS – I don’t know if you saw it but in Empire Strikes Back we learn Darth Vader is Luke’s father!  Hope I didn’t ruin that for you!)
(PPS – You records are mine!  All mine!  Maybe you can buy them from me on eBay in a while!)

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