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Dear Misflix – Stuck in Stability

Dear Misflix,

I have a solid job and life is incredibly stable.  But I keep thinking I'd be happier if I ventured out on my own (careerwise).  If it were just me, I'd go for it.  But I have a family and am the primary breadwinner.  Should I go for it, or hold off until later?

Stuck in Stability

Dear Stuck in Stability,

I will answer your question with a question – Are you hearing voices telling you to quit your job?  This could mean one of two things:

The first is that you have Schizophrenia and that you are probably questioning whether or not you are actually reading this.  This is real – very real – or is it?

The second option is to build “it,”  whatever “it” is.  In the 1989 movie, Field of Dream

s, Ray Kinsella heard a voice telling him, “If you build it, he will come.”  Even though he would be jeopardizing the financial security of his family, he went with the irresponsible decision and built a baseball field in his backyard.  Though it was a struggle at first, the end results were Ray getting to watch ghosts play baseball, playing catch with his dead father, and charging an endless amount of people twenty dollars just to “look around.”

The more that I think about it, there is a 0% chance of  the second option actually happening and you are mentally ill.  You should immediately go to WebMD for further treatment.

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