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Carmageddon It

Downfall, a 2004 German movie that tells the story of  Adolf Hitler’s final ten days in a Berlin bunker and of the last days of the Nazi Empire, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year in 2005.  Since it’s release it has become  one of the most parodied movies on the internet.  In a 2004 article with New York magazine director Oliver Hirschbiegel had this to say, “The point of the film was to kick these terrible people off the throne that made them demons, making them real and their actions into reality,” he says, “I think it’s only fair if now it’s taken as part of our history, and used for whatever purposes people like.”  He half-joked saying, “If only I got royalties for it, then I’d be even happier.”

When I first heard the name Carmageddon, I thought it was a new Roger Corman movie about a Dinosaur car that breaths fire and terrorizes the fans at a Monster Truck Rodeo.  It turns out that it’s worse – way worse.  This weekend the 405 highway in Los Angeles will be closed down.  To our fans who do not live in Los Angeles let me break it down for you.  Imagine when you wanted to rent a DVD all you had to do was walk across the street to your favorite Redbox kiosk.  One day, instead of a 5 minute trip to rent, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, you had to drive 35 miles, one way, in bumper-to-bumper traffic.   This is what begins tonight at midnight.

To all of our fans who do not live in Los Angeles this video won’t be as funny.  In fact, this is what you would call an “inside joke.”




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