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Body Changing Movies – Surgery Not Required

The Change-Up, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, comes to your local theater this Friday.  It’s from the director of Wedding Crashers and the writers of The Hangover.  Well that’s what the trailer tells you:

Movie studios spell it out so middle America can say, “Oh yeah,  The Hangover!  Wolf Pack!  Jager Bombs!  “Bombs Over Baghdad!”  Bad Dad!  She’s Having A Baby!  Kevin Bacon!  Kevin Bacon!  Kevin Bacon!  I am definitely seeing this.  How could it be bad because Kevin Bacon is a great actor.”  What the trailer neglects to tell you are a couple of key points and it should say, “If you like the same plot that has been re-hashed since 1976 then this is your movie.  Oh did we mention it’s rated R so it’s nothing like the other movies that have the same premise AND it’s from the guys who wrote everything but the funny parts in The Hangover.”  Here are five other movies where two people switch bodies without surgery:

18 Again!

Sorry 18 year old grandson, for my 81st birthday I want to switch bodies with you because I’m an asshole that needs to learn something and you will be in a coma so you won’t be able to enjoy my millions of dollars.  Love, Gramps.

Like Father, Like Son

If this movie teaches you one thing about soul switching, it’s that dialects are genetic and in fact have nothing to do with your soul.

Freaky Friday

The only thing freaky about this movie is that people only remember the two theatrical versions and not the made-for-TV movie.  (Insert scary music here).

Vice Versa

I don’t know who got the better deal in this – Judge Reinhold becoming Fred Savage or Fred Savage becoming Judge Reinhold.  In a perfect world they would merge into one person and be called Judge Savage.

Prelude To A Kiss

Most newlyweds would prefer nice China as a gift but that’s not what Peter Hoskins got.  Pete was lucky enough to have his new bride’s soul replaced with an old man dying from cancer.  I wonder what he’ll get for his next birthday.  Perhaps a monkey with AIDS?



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