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Re-Heat, Mix & Serve: Mashed-Up Remakes

It’s a banal observation, but one that’s nevertheless true: technology has transformed our society.  Unlimited access to vast quantities of information has made our modern citizenry well-informed, yet too suspicious and incredulous for its own good.

We live in a time when the mystique surrounding inspiration, and the creative process in general, has worn thin; a time when artistic endeavors are unabashedly viewed as nothing more than engineered phenomena—the result of merely juxtaposing pre-existing components of pop-culture in an effort to create something else, something “new.”  Film is no exception to this jaundiced perception, and it has hurt Hollywood.

The uncertainty surrounding our precarious and fluctuating economy has added to movie-fans’ reluctance to spend hard-earned dollars on entertainment that make them suspicious.  The average media-consumer has much higher expectations than his predecessors and this, I think, has reduced movie-ticket sales. And, by extension, box-office grosses.

As a result, the film industry has taken a few blows over the years.  Studios have struggled, scrambling in vain to find large audiences willing to pay exorbitant box-office prices.  Terrified that they could suffer more losses, studio executives have created a bold and innovative way to get butts in the seats of multiplexes across America—by releasing Mashed-Up Remakes!

That’s right, folks. In an attempt to earn revenue during this ongoing economic downturn, Hollywood is going to take the premise and characters of two previously made films and roll them into one—and we here at Misflix are absolutely committed to keeping you informed about these future projects!  If our agents-in-the-field hear anything—anything at all—coming down the industry pipeline concerning Mashed-Up Remakes, you’ll be the first to know…



  1. Ryan August 18, 2011

    You’re covering real dual-genre movies or fake mash-up trailers?

    • Author
      Scott Marlowe August 19, 2011

      @ Ryan: The inclusion of the “Simpsons/Inception” trailer was to give the reader a general context, but may be a bit misleading… stay tuned to find out! (I know, I know–that’s a cop-out, and a cheesy one at that!)

  2. Chad August 18, 2011

    I would go to that Simpsons/Inception movie! it looks great!

  3. dAn MCcAULEY August 19, 2011

    I was teasing of things to come. What is going to happen next? What isn’t? It will all be answered next week.

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