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A Long Time Ago in Faraway Galaxy…

…the West finally got its backstroke against the Hopeless Cause and the Presbyterian Church is destroyed.  This is the tale of Star Wars Episode III: Backstroke of the West.

When Star Wars Episode III came out in theaters in 2005, Chinese pirates quickly had bootlegged VCDs of the film on the black market around the world.  The Chinese version had Chinese subtitles to translate the English dialogue spoken in the film, but for whatever reason this poorly translated track was retranslated into English outside of China…very badly.  The final “masterpiece” is now an Internet legend–with some of the most bizarre dialogue to ever grace a major motion picture.

The Jedi Council becomes the Presbyterian Church.  The Jedi themselves, the Hopeless Cause.  The Sith, the West.  And the dialogue makes sense about 10% of the time.  Even better, a group of Star Wars fans a few years back used the subtitles to actually do a dubbed version of Backstroke of the West.  And the rest is history….

The film is currently split into around 25 parts on YouTube.  A few intrepid fan editors are also trying to track down the full dialogue track to add to a fan-created DVD or Blu-Ray at some future point. The search continues…. Enjoy!

On a side note, the first minute of the video is pitch black so simply fast forward a bit to get to the goods.

Missing 21-24.  Our Apologies.



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