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Hollywood loves making  a movie based on someone’s life, especially if it was someone who was always in the media’s eye.  My Week With Marilyn and J. Edgar are currently receiving critical acclaim from the press and Michelle Williams portrayal of Marilyn Monroe even won her a Golden Globe.

But no matter how good the films based on someone’s life are, there always seems to be major parts missing from the film for various reasons.  Maybe it slows down the pace of the film or the director has a different vision on how he wants the character to be seen in.  Either way, you kind of feel like the filmmakers are keeping something from you.  It’s like a parent who keeps things from you because they think they are protecting because they feel like you wouldn’t be able to handle it but the whole time you’d prefer the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Finally there’s a movie that isn’t afraid to show you the picture – the entire picture of one man’s life.  FDR:  American Badass! may be the first movie that isn’t sugar coated.  Youtube member thelordofhellaz  had this to say about the movie, “More historically accurate than anything on The History Channel right now.”  We have to agree.  What do you think?

Anthony Breznican, film writer for Entertainment Weekly, posted a link to this movie trailer on his Twitter account (@Breznican).