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Learning to Walk Again After Falling Down

In honor of the Foo Fighters winning so many damn awards last night at the Grammy's I decided to repost this in their honor.

“Having a bad day?  Going nowhere fast?  The economy making you tense?  Afraid to walk the streets?  Life in the 90's got you down?  What are you going to do about it?”  We've all felt like that before, especially the 90's getting you down – I'm still trying to forget that I paid to see Hardware in the movie theater.  Before directing Batman and Robin, Joel Schumacher directed Falling down, starring Micheal Douglas and Robert Duvall.  The story revolves around William Foster, a divorced and unemployed father, who's trying to get to his daughter's birthday party.  Unfortunately for William, he's having one of those days where nothing goes the way it should, eventually causing him to break. No longer giving a flying f*%k, he starts handling things his way.  As seen in First Blood and Death Wish, William Foster's character can be viewed as a protagonist and antagonist.  Either way, he's the person you wish you could act like in every situation – minus the mental illness.

Today the Foo Fighters released their video for, “Walk,” their second single from their new album Wasting Light. Their taste in movies is reason #2,300,667 why the Foo Fighters are Misflix approved.