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Vs. – Captain America

Who could be more patriotic than, Captain America?  Maybe Second Lieutenant U.S.A. or Warrant Officer 1 of the Country Responsible For Derek Jeter.

Marvel.com says, “In World War II patriotic solider Steve Rogers recipient of the ‘Super Soldier Serum’ became the living symbol of freedom, Captain America. Left for dead while frozen in ice, the star-spangled hero with an indestructible shield awoke years later to continue his never-ending battle for liberty.”

Captain America has been seen in two made-for-TV movies and two films.  When there are more than one superhero sporting the red, white, and blue tights, how do we determine who is the best?  The only way to answer who best represents the United States of America is to let the people decide.  What Captain America is more patriotic?

1979 Captain America

1990 Captain America

2011 Captain America

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