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SPOILERS – Red Letter Media talks about Prometheus

The movie Prometheus wasn’t created by the engineers, Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof, to create an  intellectual debate amongst its viewers.  Instead, it was created  to make the kids from their youth who used to pick on them  feel really stupid because they liked to read.  “Oh you didn’t get it?  Well maybe you should have read more Whitman instead of making kids lick the bottom of your shoe because to me, this movie makes perfect sense.”

On a side note, Damon Lindelof should start getting paid by the word.  His method of writing “I won’t answer the questions for you, you can do it yourself” and the double-spaced, font size 16 scripts he’s submitting is taking advantage of the flat rate he gets paid.  What did Jill Hennessy say to you when you wrote for Crossing Jordan that made you no longer want to write a story that’s completely wrapped up at the end?  What did she say?



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