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Total Recall’s Spelling Konfuses Everyone

It’s sad to say but we currently live in an age where people no longer care about spelling.  The poor spellers have somehow convinced society that it is a creative choice, rather than their lack of knowledge of Latin base words.  Take this segment from an interview with the director of the Total Recall remake, Len Wiseman, he recently did with craveonline.com about his decision to use k or c when spelling recall.

I wanted to talk to you about the letter “K.”

The letter “K?”

In the movie, “Rekall” is spelled with a “K.” All the posters say “Rekall” with a “K.” Did you ever think about adjusting the actual title?

I did. I did.

Was that met with resistance?

Yeah, in terms of, that’s specifically… I get the argument. I went back and forth with myself even. “Rekall” is the facility, “total recall” is a phrase. So if the movie was just called Rekall, that would have made sense.

Name brand recognition could have been an issue also.

I actually don’t think it would. Yeah, if you had Total Rekall with a “K,” nobody would be going, “Oh, maybe that’s not that movie!”

He even went on the record as to why it wasn’t related to brand recognition.  Just admit you forgot that that two different letters can make the same sound and let’s hope your next feature isn’t an adaptation of the Dictionary.



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