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Red Dawn (1984) Vs. Red Dawn (2012)

Dan Bradley is a name you may not recognize but his action sequences are unforgettable.  He  has been working as a Second Unit Director since the 80’s and some of his movies include Spider-Man 2Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Dukes of Hazzard and the last three Bourne movies.

When I heard that Dan Bradley was making his directorial debut with the Red Dawn remake, I knew that the project was in the right hands.  But hands don’t always help mold the destiny of a film.

The movie had been in limbo since shooting wrapped in 2009.  MGM decided to switch the films villains from China to North Korea since the box office in China has a huge financial impact on American films overseas.  That means MGM had to digitally switch any Chinese references to North Korean.  Then MGM filed for bankruptcy last year keeping the film on the shelf.    The film now has a release date for November 21st with the hope that it’s stars, Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), have enough pull to make Dan’s first outing as a director a profitable one.

Even with all of these snafu’s, I believe that Bradley is still a talented enough director to make this remake enjoyable to watch.  The question at hand is, “Does this remake have what it takes to be better than it’s original?”

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