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I Dare You To Watch the Swingers Diner Scene

When a girl broke up with me a few years ago I spent that Friday night watching Swingers.  On Saturday, I watched Swingers with the director, Dough Liman, and editor, Stephen Mirrione, audio commentary.  To wrap up the weekend, I watched Swingers with the Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn audio commentary.  In a weird way, this movie became a close friend that spent the entire weekend helpeing me get through a rough break-up.

I dare you to watch the diner scene and see if you can go 24 hours without having to watch the entire movie.  I took that dare and lost because I plan to watch it when I get home.  It’s not because I want to relive that depressing weekend where I didn’t change out of my pajamas, it’s because Swingers is a good f’ing movie.  It’s one of those movies that you can watch over and over again, in any state of mind, and still get enjoyment from it.  For your sake,  I hope you lose the dare.  You deserve to watch a good movie tonight.




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