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It’s the Great Halloween Movie List, Charlie Brown – Grave Encounters

Last October I made a list for Movies That Netflix Would Not Recommend But Should.

This year I wanted to make a list where other Halloween movie fans choose the movies and write the posts. Our first movie, Grave Encounters, was chosen by Justin Kirkpatrick, the writer and director of the cult classic Buddy BeBop vs the Living Dead.

Grave Encounters is a criminally underrated Canadian horror movie quietly released last year. I’ll go on record as admitting that I despised found-footage movies, but after seeing this my views were rocked to the core. Forget about Paranormal Activity, this is the creme de la creme of found-footage horror movies. A fantastic location and solid performances in this reality TV meets “haunted house” scenario at the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital when a team of Mythbuster-like paranormal investigator/TV Show personalities perform an 8-hour lockdown inside these purportedly haunted halls. Expecting nothing but good television in the making, what they instead encounter is the most terrifying endless night that they never expected. It’s that old saying of “Be careful what you wish for” on a supernatural level. Throughout a night that lasts for days, they encounter a variety of demonic ghosts, evil laughter, blood-filled bathtubs, and even dozens of evil-ghostly hands pouring out of the walls, and all of this while trapped inside of a very “Cube“-like building that seems to constantly shift and move, making escape impossible. Eerie, spooky, creepy, bone-chilling, edge-of-your-seat and terrifying are all accurate descriptions of this movie. It’s October, what are you waiting for? See it. See it now.



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