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The Best Part of The Amityville Horror

Besides THIS GUY, who has the time to watch every single horror movie they want to in the month of October? So I’

ll save you some time and show you the best parts.

For me personally, the only reason to watch the original The Amityville Horror is this scene right here. The only thing that bothers me about this scene is that if a house tells me to get out, I’m not going to wait around for it to ask me a second time.

Here are my favorite comments from YouTube:

“I always thought the voice sounded like an evil Arnold Scharzenegger when it got angrier haha! Classic scene! Steiger was like: “Fuck this, I’m out!”


“At least he asked kind of nicely.”


“After the first time, I would be like, “YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE!”




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