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Save The Date – Trailer (Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie)

Save the Date calls itself a Rom-Com but every trailer I’ve seen for it makes it look like anything but a romantic comedy. In fact, YouTube user cialis online

ta-sessionlink=”ei=CJiuj6SLwLMCFec6RAod01vqAw%3D%3D”>SavageCheese has this to say about the trailer:

“This movie is so hipster it fucking hurts. Let’s go down the list: Indie rock band, bearded skinny-fat males with thick-rimmed glasses, “punk” girls that try to be witty but come off as sarcastic bitches, teenage romance, vintage paper-ink transitions, unorthodox fashion, and everyone’s favorite: the coffee-Polaroid filter from Instagram. This movie will probably flop at the box office because everyone will just watch it on their mac while sipping a starbucks late after it comes out on Netflix.”

This doesn’t mean that if I saw it on cable I wouldn’t watch but what about you? From the trailer, is Save the Date a movie you’d make an effort to see?

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