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Smells Better on the Outside: Belated Media Presents “What If Star Wars Episode I Was Good?”


It’s very safe to say that there’s a lot of negative energy thrown towards the Star Wars prequels. I’m not saying they were the greatest movies ever made but what I am saying is that I’ve seen worse…way worse.

Belated Media gives some solid opinions on how he would have written a better version of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace – and they are solid opinions. They’d be even better if he had a time traveling machine and was named George Lucas because nothing can be done about it now. The ship has already set sail and returned already – twice. So stop torturing yourself, man. Live in the now!

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  1. Besh Cooper December 7, 2012

    I doubt you’ve seen ‘way worse’. Like what could be ‘way worse’? IF I get the licensing approved for Indy Jones meets The Blues Brothers it may be ‘way worse’. But I doubt it.

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