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160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

If the “160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes” video doesn’t get you excited to see his new movie, The Last Stand, than the only logical explanation is that you are deaf, or blind…or dead.


That’s right – you’re dead.  This is when you  start to remember the days when you were alive:  How things tasted;  How you looked at the person you loved.  It’s all coming back to you isn’t it?  It was a pretty amazing life.  Is it starting to get really bright right now?  That’s OK.  It’s what people call the “light.”  It’s alright to walk into it.  You’re going to a better place.  Guess that means your time here is done.  I appreciate
you visiting our little site here.  If you run into John Candy, tell him I said hi.  He doesn’t know who I am but he may like to know that someone was thinking of him.



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