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Free Full-Length Feature Film Friday – The Gods Must Be Crazy

“Kalahari bushman Xi (played by genuine bushman N!xau) is as surprised as the rest of his tibe when a Coke bottle, thrown from a passing plane, lands in the middle of their village.  This “”gift from the gods”” proves to be a mixed blessing when the tribesmen fight over it and eventually use it for a weapon.  To keep peace in the village, Xi is assigned to take the bottle to “”the end of the earth”” (actually a lush valley) and throw it back to the gods.  Meanwhile, back in urbanized South Africa, Kate Thompson (Sandra Prinsloo) leaves her office job in the city to take a job teaching Kalahari children; once in the wilderness, she finds herself constantly bumping into clumsy microbiologist Andrew Steyn (Marius Weyers).  And meanwhile, maniacal Sam Boga (Louw Verwey) is leading a military coup against the government.



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