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First Look At The Star Wars: Into Darkness Trailer

I have been a huge fan of JJ Abrams since the days of Alias.  But when I first heard the news that he would be directing the new Star Wars movies I’d have to say that my initial reaction was, “Eh.”  It’s not that I didn’t believe he would create a story that would satisfy all the fanboys needs, it was that he already rebooted the Star Trek franchise and I was worried that the two worlds would look too similar.

Then I received a link to this Star Wars: Into Darkness trailer and all of my doubts went out the door.  Just like that, I no longer cared if the two movies would have the same look because you can 3-D and IMAX and lens flare the f out of a movie but if the story isn’t there you just have yourself a shiny turd.  And while JJ Abrams is known for using those theatrical techniques, he also tells a story that demands our attention.

If this trailer is any indication on what we have to look forward to, then let’s head down to the Mos Eisley Cantina and order a bottle of Romulan ale.  First round is on me.



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