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Donate To The Veronica Mars Movie Project

I can’t call myself a marshmallow.  Hell, I can’t even call myself a fan of the show because I’ve never watched an episode.  My brother Brian used to watch it and he said it was an awesome show.  To me, that’s a good enough reason to support this project.  And what’s a better way to determine the fate of a Veronica Mars movie than by it’s loyal fans.  The producers are only asking for 2 million dollars and if you think that’s a lot of money to make a movie, it’s not.  On some sets, that’s how much it costs to rent the main actor’s trailer.

On the first day on Kickstarter this project is almost half way to the goal with a total of $700,000 and by the time I post it I can only assume it will be at 1 million.  This is game changer for how movies will be funded down the road.  This is a game changer for letting us, the people, decide what movies we want to see get made.  Not a VP who approves a movie because it will promote an already existing action figure line.

You really do have a say, so donate today and let’s decide the fate of what we want to watch in the future.  CLICK HERE to do your part.



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