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Every Suit Worn By Robert De Niro In Casino

I was laying in bed last night and I was thinking to myself, “I wonder what is keeping everyone up at night?”  I realized that the narcoleptics of the world needed to be able to see every single suit worn by Robert De Niro from the Martin Scorsese directed movie, Casino, in one image.

So no more counting sheep for you to get some z’s, just count the suits.  I guarantee you’ll be fast asleep before you can say, “In Vegas, everybody’s gotta watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching the players. The box men are watching the dealers. The floor men are watching the box men. The pit bosses are watching the floor men. The shift bosses are watching the pit bosses. The casino manager is watching the shift bosses. I’m watching the casino manager. And the eye-in-the-sky is watching us all.”



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