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Movies Directed By Sam Raimi You May Not Know About

If you don’t know who Sam Raimi is by now than you are probably just an old turd –  or you just watch a movie because it looks good and not because of who directed it.  But who does that?  Which means you are probably just an old turd.  Don’t you worry, there’s a cure for that.  So listen up you primitive screwheads because I’m going to write you the prescription.

First off, Mr. Sam Raimistein is famous for directing The Evil Dead trilogy:  deadites, chainsaws, and Ash…housewares.

This is not to be confused with Evil Dead, directed by , that comes to theaters April 5, 2013 (Though he did produce it).

Still not ringing a bell?  Sam Raimi is probably most famous for directing the original Spider-Man trilogy.

Side note – how old does that make me feel that I have to write original Spider-Man trilogy so you know what I’m referring to?  Another side note – it appears that Raimi loves a franchise.  Another side side note – I tend to state the obvious.

But there are quite a few movies directed by Raimi that you’ve probably seen but had no idea he was responsible for it:

For Love of the Game

WHAT’S IT ABOUT:  Costner plays a future Hall of Fame pitcher at the end of his career reliving his life while he is trying to pitch the perfect game.

WHO’S IN IT: , ,

QUOTE:  “You know, a lot of little bottles makes a big bottle, Chapy.”

REASON TO WATCH:  It’s a Kevin Costner baseball movie and he plays for the Detroit Tigers.


A Simple Plan

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Two brothers find millions of dollars in lost cash and make a plan to keep it hidden from the authorities.


QUOTE: “Do you ever feel evil?”

REASON TO WATCH:  If you’re in a mood to watch something depressing, than this is your movie.  Because it’s f’ing depressing.


The Gift

WHAT’S IT ABOUT:  A woman, who has a gift who can see things that other people can’t, helps find a missing woman.

WHO’S IN IT, , , , ,

QUOTE:  “She’s a God damn witch! She’s putting spells on every-damn-body in town!”

REASON TO WATCH:  using a southern drawl AND to see Keanu’s awesome beard.


The Quick and the Dead

WHAT’S IT ABOUT:  A woman with a past returns to a western town owned by a ruthless gunslinger hosting

an elimination tournament.

WHO’S IN IT: , , ,

QUOTE: “This is my town! If you live to see the dawn, it’s because I allow it. I’m in charge of everything! I decide who lives or who dies!”

REASON TO WATCH:  What other reason do you need other than it’s a western?



WHAT’S IT ABOUT: A wave of crime. Can’t you read?

WHO’S IN IT: , ,

QUOTE: “Hey baby, why don’t ya come on over to my pad. We’ll have a scotch and sofa.”

REASON TO WATCH: Raimi’s directorial follow-up to The Evil Dead.  Oh yeah, Joel and Ethan Coen also wrote the script.




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