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Why Ralph Garman Is A Better Actor Than…

I listen to Ralph Garman‘s Showbiz Beat every morning on my drive to work on the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ out here in Los Angeles.

Ralph Garman is more than just a radio personality, he’s also an actor.  He was recently on Spike’s The Joe Schmo Show and he has a pivotal role in last Summer’s blockbuster, Ted.

While I was listening to Ralph on the radio I took the 134, to the 101.  I avoided the traffic getting on the 405 by exiting at Haskell Ave.  I then took Haskell to Ventura where I got back on the 405, that took me to the 10.   As I got off on Bundy, I realized that his portrayal of Caleb, in Kevin Smith‘s Red State, was better than anything Lindsay Lohan has done…ever.

Red State is writer/director Kevin Smith‘s version of a horror movie.  I say his version because when you think of horror, you tend to think of dudes who wear hockey masks and guys who like to hang out in your dream.  What scares Kevin Smith?  The Westboro Baptist church scares Smith.  If you don’t know who they are, Google them and after you are so mad at them that you want to do something about it, watch Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell.  The way he describes them, they come off more like the Wile E. Coyote than the actual characters in Red State.

So why was this Ralph’s finest performance when Sharktopus exists?  Well my friends, this is what you could call a tease.  In order to find out, you’re going to have to actually watch the movie.




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