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Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers

The three day weekend known as, “I’m getting really f’d up today and I don’t care if I’m hungover tomorrow,” is finally here.  Also known as Memorial Day Weekend, it’s a time devoted to remembering the fallen soldiers who died while serving their country.  On this day, we celebrate three soldiers who gave their lives for their country and mankind.  Without them we could have been ruled by bugs, machines, and even machines flown by alien bugs.  When you feel like you’ve had a hard day at your desk job because you had problems printing up a document, realize that could never be as bad as what these fallen soldiers went through.  Show some respect, and tip your 40 in their memories.

Thomas A. Anderson

Mr. Anderson, also known as Neo, made “The Truce” with Deus Ex Machina that ended the Machine War that had been going on for hundreds of years. 01010010101010100101010010101010101

Lieutenant Jean Rasczak

Lieutenant Rasczak trained and commanded the Roughnecks, a Mobile Infantry unit, who were responsible for capturing the Brain Bug, leader of the Arachnid forces. He lost his arm in the war, then his life, but he did not lose his pride. Hoorah, Lieutenant Rasczk! Hoorah!

Russell Casse

Russell, an alcoholic crop duster, a Vietnam veteran, and the father of Miguel, Alicia and Troy, sacrificed his life as he flew his plane into an alien spacecraft’s weapon. This selfless act prevented billions of deaths, and was the turnaround in the Alien/Human War of 1996 that led to a mankind victory. You crop dusted hope into our hearts.

Happy Memorial Day