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What's Worth Watching – Summer Movie Preview

I'm a dad. More specifically, I'm a dad who loves going to the theater and watching movies. Summertime for me is like watching your team play in the Super Bowl, except I'm a Detroit Lions fans so the only thing I can look forward to is watching the new trailers for the Summer movies.  The build up to Summer is months and sometimes years of promotion for movies the studios believe are the best of the best.  Each movie trailer I watch, every article I read, fight for my attention like a girl on The Bachelor and just like that show there are certain movies I want to give a red rose to and some that I want to send home.

If you're not a dad, let me fill you in on something – kids are amazing.  They are a lot of work (if you want them to turn out OK) but having children will forever be the greatest accomplishment of your life.

As a parent, it can be a challenge.  For example, every morning since school started this year when I try and wake my daughter up I am told by her, “You're the meanest because you make get up for school. Why do you do that?  You're just so mean!”  When I try and explain that I want her to have a good education it is followed by crying, lots and lots of crying. 

It was funny the first couple of times but after the fifth week of this, mornings started making me anxious because I knew what was going to happen.  Now I'm suffering from P.T.K.D. (Post Traumatic Kid Disorder).

It's not always that dramatic.  Every night when I come home my children great me wearing gigantic smiles and big hugs.  After that we talk about each others day and laugh – a lot.  It's literally straight out of a 50's sitcom.

As you can imagine, with a job and a family, time to myself is important and doesn't happen too often.  So when I do have that opportunity, I'm off to the theater, but I'm not going to just see any movie.  I'm especially not going to watch anything animated or with talking animals.  I know that when those movies are on DVD they will be playing non-stop at my house until the kids get bored of them or they “accidentally” get broken.

With so many movies being released this Summer, what ones are worth me abandoning the kids with their mother as I sit in a dark, air conditioned chapel of entertainment ? How do I make the decision?  What's even coming out?  Well I'm glad you asked because I want to share.