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What’s Worth Watching – The Wolverine (July 26)


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Permission to speak freely, readers.  My intention of this site is to not bash a movie.  I know how much work and time goes into makimg a film so even if I didn't like a movie, I just won't talk about it BUT  X-Men: The Last Stand wasn't good.  Fox rushed it.   didn't have enough prep time after he picked up the directing reigns when Bryan Singer dropped out.  There were a lot of things that went wrong.  So imagine the excitement when the news broke that Wolverine was going to have his own film?  People went crazy.  Literally went mad and had to be checked into the mental institution.  But here's more sad truth – X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn't good either.  Maybe my expectations were set too high and when it didn't come close to what I wanted it to be, a tear shed down my face.

So now we have The Wolverine and my expectations are so low that in my head I have created a world where this movie does not exist.  Even with James Mangold directing, I seem to forget that this movie exists.  Which means that I will not be seeing it in the theater because I have to get my adamantium plated silverware polished.