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Interview With Protector 101


The first time I heard Protector 101’s music I was behind the wheel of my friend’s black Chevy Nova Super Sport and this song started blasting from his 4,6×9’s speakers and a 12 inch subwoofer.

It definitely gave me the vibe that I was living in an film except the cold reality was that I’m too good looking to be and trouble wasn’t looking for me.

So I tracked down this mystery musical man and decided to interview him.

Where did the name Protector 101 come from?

It’s from a 1986 horror b movie called Chopping Mall Protector 101 was the series of security robots for the mall in the movie that end up going berserk and killing the unfortunate teens stuck in the mall.

What is your appeal with 80’s?

A lot of things… it’s hard to narrow it down.  The movies, the music, fashion, art, video games.  It was bold, big, and fluorescent!  It seemed everyone had big ideas and they were going to let everyone know they did… with their fluorescent knee high socks.

What’s your creative process like?

I have to find something that inspires me.  This is usually with movies from the 80’s that I watch.  My releases are more or so based around concepts.  What I mean by that is that there usually tends to be somewhat of a story behind them, a plot.  I’ll make a basic plot that seems very 80’s in my head, like a buddy cop movie, or something sci-fi and go from there.

What other musicians do you listen to?

I listen too many different types of music but if we’re just talking about the synthwave/outrun scene then artists like Lueur Verte, Power Glove, Perturbator, Slick Moranis, Vercetti Technicolor, and many many others!  There’s too many talented people of this genre to list them all.  We’d be here all day.

For whatever reason, I see you wearing a helmet like Daft Punk when you play your music…is this fact or fiction?

Hahaa… Nah… no helmet.  Just part of my face missing exposing the robotics inside.  Of course I have Wayfarer sunglasses to cover that up.

What was the first song you made?

Oh man… A song called “Neon Highway.”  It was inspired by the 1989 ATARI arcade game ‘S.T.U.N. Runner.’

It’s pretty horrible, very basic and has yet been released to the public.  I keep going back and forth if I should release it or not.  Maybe one day I will.

What was the movie or song that inspired you to make this genre inspired music?

It was kind of a two for one deal.  It was the movie Hobo With a Shotgun and hearing Power Glove’s track, ‘Hunters’ and Judge Bitch track ‘Pacer’ in the movie that really got me up to actually trying this style of music out.  I was so inspired by the combination of these three that it made what Protector 101 is today.

Do you plan on going on tour in the future?

I would love to but I don’t see it anytime in the near future.  I do electronic based music and I don’t want to be one of those people that brings just their laptop and hit’s the play and sync buttons all night long.  I’ve seen that too many times and for me it’s just boring to watch someone do that.  I believe you have to have an act, something that would give the crowd something to watch.  This requires a proper setup with midi controllers, which I do have but my primary goal with P-101 is to just produce.  That being said if it came up I’d probably do it.

Would you ever score a movie if given the opportunity?

This is pretty much exactly what my goal is with P-101.  To do score for movies, video games, commercials, etc.  Nothing would make me happier within the P-101 project.  My songs are geared more into score and soundtrack material rather than “dance” style. But things are starting to take shape and I really can’t say much but, start expecting to hear some Protector 101 in some movies in the near future…



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