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The Best Way I Can Describe My Father…

The best way I could describe my father growing up as a child was intense.  He wasn’t a loud man, he wasn’t a physical man, he just always had a look on his face that wasn’t welcoming.  It’s not that he wouldn’t talk to you if you asked him how he was doing, he just had a resting face that looked like at any time he could bust through a wall and rip phone books in half.

It wasn’t until his late 40’s I learned that my dad had a great sense of humor.  My dad actually enjoyed laughing and making jokes.

He had to be put under to have a procedure done where they opened up his sinus cavities and whatever they gave him, loosened him up.  What happened next changed how I’d look at him for the rest of my life.  He went in to full Bill Murray mode.  He quoted word for word this scene from Caddyshack and even did the voice.

I had no idea he even knew what Caddyshack was, let alone was able to quote the movie.  Right when I thought I figured him out, he does something like that.  I hope that my kids will have the same experience with me.  Right when they think they have me figured out, I do something to totally blow their minds.  I want my kids to have that kind of experience, except I want to start that out sooner than later.  They already know about my intense resting face and how my sinus cavities tend to make me crabby during the Summer but what they don’t know about me is my love of Bill Murray.

My father passed away before his time and as Father’s Day approaches I start missing him more and more.  This year for Father’s Day I think I’m going to introduce the kids to a little movie called Caddyshack.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.



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