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There’s More Than One Finger To Look At

I have “off” days.  Days when I don’t feel like doing anything and I start feeling guilty that I wasn’t as productive as I could have been.  I have things I have to finish writing because if they aren’t written, I can’t shoot them, and if they aren’t shot then I can’t show off what I have to offer.  I beat myself up because I’m sure Spielberg didn’t do this.  You think Raimi fucked around?  I mean, I’m sure they did.  I’m sure back in the day Spielberg would spend countless hours playing Minesweeper.  So when I feel like this, I turn to film.  This is why I love movies because there is always something to reference in any kind of genre to remind me to chill the f out.  I may have one finger who’s being stanky and making me feel bad about myself, but I have nine more who are fully clean – like Zestfully clean.




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