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Video Games Did Not Kill The Movie Star

When my mom could no longer deal with me or my three older siblings during our Summer vacation from school, she dropped us off at the arcade for the day.  As I have kids now, there are days when I wish I could do the same, but I also wish I could take them to an arcade just to show them how much better the experience of a video game is at the arcade.

I also feel that arcades helped me develop certain personality traits:  It taught me to be patient (waiting for a game to be available to play), it tested me under pressure and my coordination (getting the quarter in the slot, in time, in less then ten seconds to continue my game) and most of all, it taught me to manage my money (sure I could play skee ball, but did I come to an arcade to throw a wooden ball up a ramp?  No.  I’m here for Dragon’s Lair).

So, if you are someone from the arcade area, you’ll wish that time traveling Deloreans are real after watching this twenty minute video (that’s right, it’s twenty minutes) of video games in film.


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