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60 Seconds With Artist Adam Schickling

During the last twenty years, Adam Schickling has worked with such notable companies as Universal Studios, Topps, and Ron Jon Surf Shop.  So when Adam set out to make his fan fiction poster for Star Wars: Episode 7, he wasn’t doing it for a job, he did it because he did it as a fan.  What happened next shows why good things come to those who do what makes them happy.  The outcome – well it’s a happy ending that didn’t have to happen in a galaxy far, far away.

I read an article that your fan poster for Star Wars Episode 7 got you the job to create the poster for The Kings of Summer?  How did that all go down?

The Star Wars poster got the attention of the director of The Kings of Summer who loved the style of the art and wanted to do an 80’s inspired poster for his new release.

CBS films contacted me and asked if I would do a poster for the film’s online marketing. I worked up a sketch in black and white after watching an early copy of the very funny Kings of Summer film. After sending the sketch to CBS Films. CBS let me know that Jordan Vogt Roberts, the director, wanted to talk to me and let me know about his vision for the poster and his film. The director gave me free reign and wanted to have my interpretation of the film. Once that was approved I moved into doing the final piece. After sending the final piece to CBS Films, the actors from the film had some minor changes to the likenesses. When they all approved it, I sent it off to CBS Films and they put it up online for all to see and enjoy.

What was the first movie you saw in the theater that you watched more than once?

The first movie that I watched several times after seeing it in the theater was Star Wars. I really can’t count how many times I have seen that one.

Your work seems to be influenced by Tom Jung. What is your favorite poster created by him?

I was heavily influenced by all the art that I saw in posters for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I grew up loving the compositions and colors and styles of so many artists. I had seen and admired Tom Jung’s art since I was a child . I fell in love with the artwork of Drew Struzan when I hit college. Now I am trying to find my own creative voice so that when people see my artwork they say “This poster looks like a Schickling!”

On average, how long does it take you to make one of your posters?

On average it takes about two to three weeks to do a poster at full size. That is due to a Full time art job in the evening creating T- Shirts  and a large family with 5 wonderful kids.

What is your process like for creating the poster?  Do you put a collection of images together and draw from those?

My process starts out with finding reference from several sources. I create a rough idea in Photoshop of where everything is going to be so that I can resize or move things around easily. Then when approved I use that reference and start the tight drawing working out the details and textures. When the drawing is done I brush in the blacks with acrylic paint and then start airbrushing in local color. When the paint is dry I move to the colored pencils and add in light and dark details. Finally I add the whitest whites and the Blackest Blacks and then It is done.

As an artist, and someone who loves movies, how did you feel after finishing The Kings of Summer poster knowing that your poster could influence people in to watching it?

I love the idea of having a finished poster for a great movie out in the world for all to see. I hope that my art does influence people and we see more hand drawn posters in the future from a variety of artists. That would be great.

To know more about Adam, visit his website www.adamschickling.com



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