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It’s Crazy, We Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches

“Uh oh, Dan’s posting about Disney music.  Call the looney bin – again.”  You know what, stop judging me judgers. If you’re waiting for the angle or the catch as to why I’m posting about it – there isn’t one.  This isn’t an M. Night Shyamalan surprise twist unless the twist is a straight, 36 year old man who enjoys the Frozen soundtrack.

Ever since I watched Frozen with my daughter two weeks ago (by the way, the advertising for this movie isn’t being exaggerated when they say it’s as good as The Lion King) these songs have found their way into my brain. I wonder if Kahn has recently been employed by Disney and has somehow implanted one of his mind controlling pets in my ear while I was sleeping.

But Disney employing Kahn wouldn’t make sense since the Star Trek franchise is owned by Paramount…unless I’ve just revealed something huge. Paramount has been bought by Disney!!

EDIT – I have just heard word that Paramount has not been purchased by Disney and that I should not pursue this any further…or else.

EDIT 2 – Ok, none of that actually happened. I’ve been starving for attention.

All misleading quotes aside, the music is catchy and if you don’t believe me, take a listen for yourself.

For the First Time in Forever

Love is an Open Door

As the holidays get closer, the Frozen soundtrack will be a perfect stocking stuffer for your kids, or girlfriend, or even for, this is just an example, a 36 year old man who recently wrote this post.




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