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The Walking Dead Webisode – The Oath

The mid-season finale for season 4 of The Walking Dead is over and by now you’re starting to have major withdrawals.  So many questions – so many, many, many questions.  I know it’s hard because you have to know right now what is going to happen so the simple solution – hibernation.  That will help pass the time until February arrives.

Most of us aren’t able to hibernate, mainly because of responsibilities and the fact that we aren’t bears, but there is something to help fill the void that was left behind after last nights episode.

Many of you may not know about this but AMC.com has these cool webisodes on their website that take place in The Walking Dead world.  There are only three from this season so you’ll have to pace yourself, but if you need more, be sure to CLICK HERE to watch the episodes from the previous seasons.

The Oath – Part 1

The Oath – Part 2

The Oath – Part 3



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