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Ryan Gosling Was So Hot In This New Trailer…

Ryan Gosling wasn’t so hot in this trailer because he wasn’t in it, he was so hot because he was editing the movie in a dark editing room, where the computer fans made the room dry and hot, like a New Mexican Summer.

Ok, so I did an online scumbag thing – it’s called link baiting. Most likely you are here because you thought Ry Ry would be dry humping a hot woman, or man, in this trailer, or maybe even drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea while wearing a robe. We shouldn’t be focusing on how I got you here, we should be focusing on why you are here.

Lost River is Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut and by the looks of this trailer, he’s been paying attention to what goes on behind the camera.

Lost River will be in select theaters and VOD on April 10.




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