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Foo Fighters Run Featuring Tom Cruise?

Foo Fighters – Run

Without doing any research I’m taking a WILD guess and saying that the new Foo Fighters song, Run, is going to be featured in the new Tom Cruise movie, The Mummy. Why am I assuming this? Well, my gut is telling me that the lead old man in the video is Tom Cruise. Why am I assuming this? Well, because it looks like an old man Tom Cruise. That’s why. I also think it’s going to be featured in the movie because the song is called “Run.” As in, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

I know the Foo Fighters love to be sneaky but they always have a reason. I don’t think they are randomly releasing a new song since their last album because they were bored. What do I know…I’m just a kid from a trailer park. No, that’s from The Last Starfighter. What do I know? Well I guess only time will tell.

The Mummy Trailer



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