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Watching Thor: Ragnarok, which is overtly comedic, even for a Marvel film, I couldn’t help but think of some of the things that bothered me about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Chief among my complaints about that movie was its comedy, in fact. They worked hard to make Hawkeye a more pertinent character and threw a lot of forced “zingers” into his dialog. We’ve come to expect that from Robert Downey Jr., but it only felt awkward from Jeremy Renner and it was distracting throughout the movie.

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone who reviews Thor: Ragnarok will cite how much humor is worked into the script. And it plays. Hemsworth proved his talent for comedic timing well in Ghostbusters and he enforces it here. I was hesitant to accept it (truthfully, I am always the one who hates the movie everyone else loves), but gave in quickly. He’s easy on the eyes, naturally charming, and just funny. It was a welcome modification to the God of Thunder’s persona.

Jeff Goldblum is also a welcome addition in the humor department. As the zany, quirky Grandmaster, it practically seems like the role he was born to play. Of course, everyone is relieved that Tom Hiddleston is back and Loki’ing up the movie. His chemistry with Hiddleston is undeniable and he truly is the villain everyone loves to hate.

As the Goddess of Death, Cate Blanchett is perfection. If anything, there is not enough of her in this film. She is completely exquisite in her evilness. Her storyline could have stood alone – I am not convinced Karl Urban or Tessa Thompson needed to be present, though I am not willing to go as far as saying they harmed the movie. There was just a lot of “stuff” between them. Not to mention Mark Ruffalo’s presence as Hulk – his storyline was almost a convenience or afterthought or both. Although he too offered a lot of the comedic value. (I would be remiss not to mention Idris Elba’s return as Heimdall and some surprise cameos but they were not as invasive to me.)

But really, nothing was a huge flaw here. It’s great and in the end, a singular word sums up this film: FUN. It is so. much. fun. With a killer soundtrack and all its laughs, it was just a lot of fun to watch. I smiled the whole time and will probably go back for a second viewing. Protip: Do make sure you stay for the mid-credits scene and then til the credits run out for the final laugh and to enjoy the anticipation of Infinity Wars. (Seriously, how do people still leave before the credits end in a Marvel film? Get with the program, guys!)

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