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The Lonely Island – Why Not Me? (Oscar Song 2018)

If you have worked in the industry or plan on working in the movie industry there has been a time in your life where you thought about winning an Oscar. Even the people who say that winning an Oscar isn’t important to them is a lie. It’s like saying, “I just want to play in the NBA because I love doing it. I don’t care if I win any championships in my career.” As much as I think the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have tried their best to include more mainstream movies, I still feel like they are excluding a lot out. If the movie was successful at the box office then it gets knocked down because people actually saw it. I believe that the best picture is a movie that moves you, gets you talking, gets you thinking and talking about it after you say it. The movie has you talking with your friends, “Hey, have you seen that movie? It was really good. You should check it out.”

The Lonely Island pitched an idea to the Oscars for a song. They claimed in the video they passed on it because of financial reasons. I think the academy said no thank you because the song hit the nail on the head. They said what everyone keeps thinking, “Wonder Woman won’t get nominated because it’s a super hero movie.”



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