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End Credit Song Silicon Valley Episode Chief Operating Officer Clearslide – Cop Drama

Clearslide – Cop Drama

http://www.clearsidemusic.com/ Clearside aka Bryan Dych is a Los Angeles based indie-electronic artist. Clearside draws influences from his hometown of Detroit’s electronic underground scene as well as many genre-bending artists including El-P, Tobacco, Amon Tobin, and Nine Inch Nails. In 2012 the “Clearside” EP was voted one of the best albums of the year on Reddit’s Best of Year 2012 and in January 2014, David Michôd used Clearside for the debut trailer for the highly anticipated film “The Rover.” The music can be described as Blade Runner meets Jewel Runner with a healthy dose of analog synth and dusty electronic drum breaks.

“Clearside has always been a project that has been about struggle, frustration and things not coming easy. It’s a way to explore those thoughts and emotions in a meaningful way.”

After a dark 2 year hiatus the Los Angeles based Indie-electronica artist Clearside emerges with the new single Cop Drama from his forthcoming album Hologram Companion (2017.) On May 21, 2017 Cop Drama will premiere with a feature on HBO’s Silicon Valley.


S5 EP 1 Grow Fast Or Die Slow — The Fabulous Thunderbirds – The Monkey

S5 EP2 Reorientation — C2C – Down the Road

S5 EP3 Chief Operating Officer — Clearslide – Cop Drama

S5 EP 4 Tech Evangelist — Madeintyo – I Want ft. 2 Chainz

S5 EP 5 Facial Recognition — Girl Talk & Erick the Architect – Trouble in Paradise

Silicon Valley – Encouraged by Jared to strike up a friendship with Dana, a like-minded CEO, Richard instead finds himself charmed by Dana’s COO, who challenges his loyalty to Gilfoyle. Facing limited housing options thanks to his impulse purchase, Dinesh searches for a new roommate.



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