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End Credit Song Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 2 Reorientation

Silicon Valley – Reorientation

C2C – Down the Road

C2CThe four members of C2C, who first met in high school during their teenage years, share a common musical culture, a subtle blend of electro, hip-hop and various other inspirations, informed by the countless hours they spent scouring record shops in search of oftentimes obscure vintage LPs in a wide variety of styles, from jazz to hip-hop to soul music. Fascinated by the work of Q-Bert or DJ Shadow, the founding fathers of turntablism, a musical discipline featuring turntables as a bona fide instrument, they set off to make a name for themselves at the turn of the millen- nium and soon started developing their own unique performing style. Their achievements in the competition circuit come second to none. The quartet won the DMC World Competition four times in a row (2003-2006), thanks to their unique blend of breathtaking technical dexterity and innate musical sensitivity. The audiences and juries were asto- nished by their highly playful yet remarkably skillful and spectacular routines, and the intoxicating jazzy tunes they managed to create by way of their surprisingly simple contraptions. Their performances and music videos continue to spread like wildfire, totaling more than 30 million views on Youtube alone.


S5 EP 1 Grow Fast Or Die Slow — The Fabulous Thunderbirds – The Monkey

S5 EP2 Reorientation — C2C – Down the Road

S5 EP3 Chief Operating Officer — Clearslide – Cop Drama

S5 EP 4 Tech Evangelist — Madeintyo – I Want ft. 2 Chainz

S5 EP 5 Facial Recognition — Girl Talk & Erick the Architect – Trouble in Paradise



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