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Spoiler Free Marvel’s Ten-Year Milestone: Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

No spoilers, I promise. A couple bits of advice, though.

First, stay til the end. The very, very end. Seriously, why does anyone see a Marvel movie these days and NOT stay through the credits? But the advice still seems necessary. And second, I ask you to remember that this film is only the first of a two-parter. There were a few confused faces in my crowd and so this advice also seems necessary.

Every Marvel Post-Credit Scene

That out of the way, I will assure you, this movie is AWESOME. I would not dare to say it gave me everything, but it gave me a helluva lot and certainly put me on the edge of my seat for May 2019. I can’t even imagine how everything is going to culminate in Part Two and who else may show up to surprise us – yes, there were some surprises in Part One. Disney and Marvel have really insisted on “#ThanosDemandsYourSilence” and for good reason. Maybe some people were not surprised but for this viewer, worth it.

I actually turn 40 in 2019. In May. So you can guess how I might be spending it. You see, for my birthday in 2016, I went a little crazy. Captain America: Civil War was out on May 6 and I purchased 30 tickets so that I could take 30 friends to see the movie. I saved up many nickels and dimes and refused any reimbursements – I very much wanted this to be a gift for my friends as much as it felt like a gift for me. Seeing all of those heroes together on the gigantic Arclight Dome screen was epic to me. (P.S. #TeamCap forever.)

When I first got into comic books, it was not for the cool kids; it certainly was not deemed commercial or mainstream. (Back then, Comic-Con was actually just for comic book fans, period.) The “X-Men” cartoon that aired on Fox in the early nineties was my gateway drug. In college, befriending people who were like minded, made my interest in comics EXPLODE. That was also about when the first X-Men movie came out (2000). Done. In. I was drinking all the Marvel Kool-Aid. By 2008, when Iron Man was hitting theaters, comic book movies were clearly becoming part of the global lexicon and I was fully entranced.

Omigod, we were cool now. YES!

Confession: In 2012, I saw The Avengers in theaters four times. I pre-ordered the Blu-ray after the third time. With a limited-edition poster. And even though I owned it, when it came out on cable, and then on Netflix, I kept after it. You know that scene during the New York battle where the Avengers circle up to battle the Chitauri? Hulk lets out that might roar and it’s ON. It was the perfect cinematic culmination of character, plot climax, score and just EVERYTHING. I can picture it in my mind with astonishing clarity. (Other moments I mentally relive when I think of that movie, “I’m always angry…” and “Clench up, Legolas.”)

I’m Always Angry

What Disney and Marvel have achieved with Infinity War is unprecedented. It’s also brilliant. It’s time and effort spread out over decades and who has ever done that? And so successfully?! This is an amalgamation of almost 20 films with an unbelievable amount of star power both in front of and behind the camera that means so much to so many. Like I said, Avengers: Infinity War is AWESOME. Go see it. See it immediately. See it more than once. I am already making plans to see it again and again.

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