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Detroiters – Season 2 Trailer

I don’t keep it a secret to anyone I meet on the west coast that I am from Michigan. In fact, it seems that any chance I get to bring it up, I do. When I first starting working in the entertainment industry I did it to connect to former Midwesterners and when they had a job opening to, “hire that guy from Michigan.” As I’ve gotten older I believe I do it because I miss that state so much that I use any opportunity to talk about it. To talk about the Great Lakes, Bell’s beer and the Detroit Lions.

I’ll admit that the only reason I gave season 1 a chance was because the name of the show had Detroit in it but after the first episode I couldn’t wait for the next weeks episode. It made me laugh that much. As the season progressed I was worried it wouldn’t get a second season because I liked it so much but the TV god’s were listening because season 2 is upon us.

Detroiters Season 2 Trailer

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