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A Star Is Born Trailer

A Star Is Born Trailer (2018)

I never realized there was a need for a remake to the 1976 film until I watched this trailer. Fun Fact – Clint Eastwood was originally set to direct Bradly Cooper and Beyonce. Makes sense, except that Clint is so old. I mean, look at him…he’s old. I don’t think he would have been able to capture the story as well as it appears that Bradly Cooper did. Plus, the casting of Lady Gaga is perfect.

A Star Is Born Trailer (1976)

What I love about trailers from the 70’s is that they literally tell you the whole movie. I know people complain about how trailers reveal too much now but back in the 70’s it was literally ever major plot point. I guess the PR team had nothing to lose as it was before the internet and having to compete against 4-5 other movies being released that weekend.



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